24 December 2010


15. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Round and Round
it should have been Duck Sauce's "barbra streisand" at this number of the list, but i gotta get rid that hipsters duo off the list since "hold on, i'm calling, calling back to the bowl and we'll dazzle them all, hold on" has taken my ears away, paradise baby

14. Storm Queen - Look Right Through
"look right through" is such an amazing modern house music tinted with classic disco and boogie sounds, awright let's get dancing, love

13. Shit Robot - I Got A Feeling (feat. Saheer Umar)
House/Nu Disco
"i got a feeling" brings you an awesome slow nu disco cut which contains with blunt synths and massive piano stabs. deliciosooo, damn robot

12. Nicolas Jaar - Time For Us
Deep House
fantastic groovie basslines, deep vocal and what do you really want to make this track more perfect? it's quite enough with the beautiful atmosphere of deep he's made, awesome

11. Joker - Tron
fucking huge cut of bass-driven is ready to drop the basslines and fucking blow your cheap headphones, darling. he's a serious business, and tron itself is a killer track 

10. The Chemical Brothers - Swoon
it's such an ecstatic track, the synths which keep this track climbing to the max and the vocals "just remember to fall in love, there's nothing else" also make this track so brilliant, brilliant and brilliant, it was a three times brilliant, wasn't it?

9. Kiki - Cinema Obscura
the bloody piano riffs of "cinema obscura" is what i admire most, in essence, i'd call this as a "pee-a-no anthem" of 2010 and tinted with simplistic painfully melody which is going to take you deeper and deeper, sweet

8. Four Tet - Angel Echoes (Jon Hopkins Remix)
it's already a deadly song before it's been remixed by Hopkins. he turns this beautiful track into a five minutes of absolute peace sensations, a total marvelous piece of electronica. it's my personal favorite track of 2010

7. Pantha Du Prince - Lay In A Shimmer 
classical music composition meets the music box melodies? it's smooth, soft and total glistening, it's like huge waves of cold water flowing through my veins, motherfucking perfect 

6. Girl Unit - Wut
fucking large sub bass, fucking rhythmic female vocal meets the fucking slow drum claps, "wut" is fucking infectious, innit? fucking dubstep anthem of 2010, enough said

5. Ramadanman & Midland - Your Words Matter
David Kennedy, everything he touches is going to be fucking gold. "your words matter" brought an amazing classic house tunes with its heavy female vocals and delicious piano stabs, tasty

4. Deadboy - If U Want Me
Uk Garage/Dubstep
the goddamn r&b biatch vocals refrain "if u want (repeat about 1000 times) me" and the blowing synth beams that make this garage track so enormous, fucking killer, fucking addictive

3. James Blake - CMYK
Uk Garage/Dubstep
an incredible 21 years old producer who made a wordplay of kelis' voice "look, i found her red coat" pitched up and down and mixed with glitchy beats, bass bumps and an overall less irritating noise. the end of old dubstep is near, bro

2. Mount Kimbie - William (Tama Sumo & Prosumer Remix)
Techno/Tech House
clap, tick, pause, clap, clap, tick, pause. it's all about ticking and clapping, simple hi-hat stabs and at the time when the vocals start playing, that's the time you'll realize this a sick techno vibes,  scrumptiooouuuus

1. Tensnake - Coma Cat
Nu Disco/House
it's more than just a song, it's acid, it trips me, 6:56 minutes of maximum joy, bliss, happiness, anything you name it. "coma cat" is absolutely best track of 2010 i've heard. hell of fucking tune dawg! "ccccannn i get, caaannn i get get, the more love llloooveeee"

16 December 2010


have you ever wondered, why does Breakbot look like jesus? naah forget it, i've been rolling around these tracks lately, enjoy

more A-TRAK? fuck man, deal with it. The Fool's Gold records owner transforms this track into a rowdy club banger, a delirious electronic exploration that heightens the original's use of violins and funk and merges classical sounding harmonies with a boisterous spin, enjoy

Guiness Book of World Records : Bananarama is the most successful British girl group in history, ~before Victoria Beckham and hers nigga have beat them up. kamu bisa tanya ibu/ayah kamu yang gaul di taun 80an, mereka pasti bilang "Bananarama? oh wow, yeah baby she's got it, i'm your venus, i'm your fire at your desire" ffffff, this track is really catchy as cathy sharon

Jupiter - Mama Used To Say
this is a reeeaalllll good cover version of the classic disco-funk track "mama used to say" by Junior. this track features amaaaazing keytars and voice which makes you ddddddancing all the way to the dddddance floor. i one hundred percent guarantee that you're gonna love this track

it's all about the synths and a gorgeous 80's R&B slow jam from the Light Asylum's talents, Shannon Funchess. fucking gloomy, B R O!

ini dia orang yang yang jadi cukup terkenal gara2 Burial which is the man of dubstep pernah nge-mix salah satu track nya, though Night Air's got a different story here. it's dark and seductive, an irresistibly combination of Jamie's unique voice and his subtle compulsive beats

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas Remix)
without any doubts, this track is one of the best remix of 2010. at first i didn't really enjoy with its straight drum kit and heavy bass guitar, but c'mon they're Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas and still with their BBBBBBBaleeeearic touch! "just remember to fall in love, there's nothing else, there's nothing else" i finally got to this one, sweet

naaaaaahhhh~ a pure 100 percent pleasure, who doesn't love Alicia Keys's voice?

16 November 2010


1. D-Pulse - Velocity Of Love
2. D-Pulse - Velocity Of Love (Hot Toddy Mix) -> FUCKING ACE!


19 October 2010


wobble, half-time drum beat, bass drop and get naked

13 October 2010


Joel : i can't see anything i don't like about you
Cle : but you will, you will think of things and I'll get bored with you and feel trapped because that's what happens with me
Joel : ok

8 October 2010


this one is a fucking masterpiece, fucking killer, epic! and it's just like, when the minimal master Pantha meets the king of freak folk Noah Lennox a.k.a Panda Bear. 5 wonderful minutes of cold ffffffuuuucckkinnngg synth effects and panda's nasal voices that make this absolutely beautiful track brings you to happiness, brilliant motherfuckeeerrrrr!

Pantha Du Prince - Stick To My Side (Feat. Panda Bear)

5 October 2010


there's no time to go, through the designs we know
never mind, although maybe this time we'll grow
go on, let it go, it doesn't mean a thing
chance is on nothing changing
i'm cheerleading myself, i should have made it matter..

Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader

4 October 2010


to trust and to be trusted on details, oh how i love being ignored lately. let me get out of this country immediately. to be honest, if this great Acid Jazz/Swing House doesn't really move you a little, i promise you might be dead.

without any doubts, this is the one of the best track of the year ~and not to be missed.


can you free me from the logic that i knew ooooo, i believe it even if it is not true oooo, eh seriusan loh ini telat banget, i am so late with this post, i might as well not even post it. Miike Snow trio dari Swedia ini mungkin udah jadi bahan omongan di blog2 dari taun2 kapan semenjak single mereka yang pertama Animal yang mana bener-bener jadi perbincangan hebat di berbagai postingan blog dulu. I am not really into Animal, but Cult Logic brings you an absolutely wonderful retro electro-pop with its catchy Synths~which are really kvlt, promising!

Miike Snow - Cult Logic