30 May 2009

Skream - Skreamizm 1-5

Skream is the electronic music producer and DJ Ollie Jones from Croydon, South London. One of ’s first and most prominent producers, he is often hailed as the ‘ambassador’ of the growing genre. (Last.Fm)

Skream - Skreamizm Vol. 1

Where Were U In '92?

Zomby - Float
this is the hottest track of the year, do you love dubstep?i do love dubstep!

Zomby - Where Were U In '92?
Zomby - Daft Punk Rave
Zomby - Euphoria

Burial - Untitled (set rip)

track listing :
1. Untitled 01
2. Untitled 02

genre : Electronic
style : Dubstep, Grime

26 May 2009

i want to be more cowrine, wolverine is weak

baru aja nonton X-Men Origins : Wolverine ih ternyata rame loh kaya Cinta fitri, tapi ga ada si cinta dia baru aja berubah jadi Gambit terus si fitri nya mati kegeleng traktor.

terus ternyata si cinta dulunya adalah fans berat nya Santogold tapi si fitri nya sendiri adalah fans berat nya MSTRKRFT jadi aja ganti nama jadi cinta santo, hihihi lucu ya kaya budi anduk

N.A.S.A - Gifted (Feat. Kanye West, Santogold & Lykke Li)
John Legend & Andre 3000 - Green Light (MSTRKRFT Remix)

25 May 2009

this rude girl don't play with the bom di deng di deng digidigi

Rude Boy : aye'up mate, what's up?
So-Called Satpam : that picture above looks very hot
Rude Boy : hit mate!everybody knows that robyn is very hot
So-Called Satpam : thought she's a bitch
Rude Boy : fuck you Mr.Satpam arsehole, you don't have the bom di deng di deng digidigi style like her, get out from my way cunt. i'm on my way to be more foooooooooo fooooooo

Robyn - Cobrastyle
Robyn - Cobrastyle (The Touch Remix)
Robyn - Cobrastyle (Rac Mix)
Robyn - Cobrastyle (The Bloody Beetroots Remix)

"Anytime they ready punahussy start war, mess around and see who get it spread on the tar"

Royksopp - The Girl and The Robot (Ft. Robyn)
Robyn - Bum Like You (Ft. Snoop Dogg)
Robyn - With Every Heartbeat (Ft. Kleerup)
Robyn - Since You Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson Cover)

hello my name is Rihanna and i'm the cheapest bitch on earth, rape me with your big dick
hmmm..this rude girl really doesn't know about the bom di deng di deng digigi

i'd rather watch mama loren speaking crap than spongebob shit

it always annoys me while i'm swallowing my breakfast

hello patrick have you been a dogshit today?
no spongebob i have just eaten dogshit and it's really cool

did nickelodeon make this shit only for being the most annoying film for retarded?

Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer

Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (Aeroplane 'Italo 84' Remix)
The Beach Boys - God Only Knows (Aeroplane Bootleg Remix)
Wire - Three Girl Rhumba (Mock & Toof Edit)
Brothers Johnson - Ain't We Funkin Now (Todd Terje Radio Miks)

this one is better, bart loves it and so do i

Arcade Fire - Born On a Train (Magnetic Fields Cover)

Of Montreal - Tropical Iceland (Fiery Furnaces Cover)
Graham Coxon - Eliminator Junior (Sonic Youth Cover)
Smashing Pumpkins - Isolation (Joy Division Cover)
Franz Ferdinand - Call Me (Blondie Cover)

and this one is the real thing. she is a goddamn criminal

are you stew'pid or just a couple of moron meganthropus palaeojavanicus from uranus?

Mr.ImGonnaSayHelloAndSayGoodbyeThen : hello what are you doing?
Ms.IDontEvenKnowWhatForAreYouCallingMe : i'm just sitting on my bf's bed
Mr.ImGonnaSayHelloAndSayGoodbyeThen : well okay, where's your bf anyway?
Ms.IDontEvenKnowWhatForAreYouCallingMe : he's in the bathroom
Mr.ImGonnaSayHelloAndSayGoodbyeThen : okay, have you taken a bath?
Ms.IDontEvenKnowWhatForAreYouCallingMe : that is none of your business
Mr.ImGonnaSayHelloAndSayGoodbyeThen : why then?
Ms.IDontEvenKnowWhatForAreYouCallingMe : hey i got a question, is that really you Mister?
Mr.ImGonnaSayHelloAndSayGoodbyeThen : yes it's me, why did you ask for?
Ms.IDontEvenKnowWhatForAreYouCallingMe : just to proof that is really you
Mr.ImGonnaSayHelloAndSayGoodbyeThen : ...
Ms.IDontEvenKnowWhatForAreYouCallingMe : ...
Mr.ImGonnaSayHelloAndSayGoodbyeThen : why are you so silent?
Ms.IDontEvenKnowWhatForAreYouCallingMe : i don't wanna talk with stupid person like you
Mr.ImGonnaSayHelloAndSayGoodbyeThen : hmm okay, it is only you and your bf there?
Ms.IDontEvenKnowWhatForAreYouCallingMe : yes and also his family members
Mr.ImGonnaSayHelloAndSayGoodbyeThen : okay, bye
Ms.IDontEvenKnowWhatForAreYouCallingMe : yea bye scum

that is so-called a very important conversation ever.

i'm gonna talk about the couple of moron.
hey you moron, i was only asking why has he called my mate for much times with the most stupid questions ever?
i was not trying to ruin your thing thugs. it means about your relationship moron
he claimed himself as him and he didn't claim himself as him

and who is he anyway and who is she anyway, they are just the big jokes of the year

me and my mate were only asking and it was only a simple question

go fuck yourself then bitchass


24 May 2009

so where is the frog my friend?

animal rights!but not for a frog my friend!
saya mungkin terlalu sering nge geleng kodok kalo lagi di jalan, but you have to know it, itu sama sekali ga sengaja, tapi itu semua ga penting ko masih jauh lebih penting lagu-lagu di bawah ini which makes me always waking up early only for listening to those stuffs

Kleerup - Longing For Lullabies
why must be another scandinavian musician?mungkin karena emang mereka udah ga punya kerjaan lagi selain buat musik bagus, i'm just really in love with the voice of Titiyo here.
it's just perfect

Aeroplane - Pacific Air Race
dug dug dug dug dug, beat drum yang asik banget buat ukuran musik Electronic atau mungkin mereka lebih suka menyebut dirinya Nu Disco, Space Disco or whatever they are i don't really give a fuck about genre

Sally Shapiro - Miracle
mungkin lagu ini emang ga sekeren Anorak Christmas tapi suara Sally selalu bikin getek telinga loh, lucu banget jauh sama Lykke Li sih masih lucuan Sally atau mungkin sama Eva Arnaz

selamat pagi bandung!

19 May 2009

Thank You Lucky Star

it's almost Moz's b'day, i have no birthday present for him, so i prefer to write best of the best songs by them, instead. As we know Morrissey was the former of this greatest band ever. Actually my heart belongs to Johnny Marr but i don't even know when his birthday anyway.
"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" was the first song i heard. Thought that i needed more more and more than this one, so album by album i heard, lyric by lyric i read. I think they've just raped me for several years by the music they made. brilliant. Maybe i'am not a part of their era but for me, The Smiths is just perfect. Happy Birhtday Steven Patrick Morrisey, god bless you wonderboy!

So, Here is my 10 best Smiths songs ever :

10. "I Know It's Over" from "The Queen Is Dead"
-"it's so easy to laugh, it's so easy to hate and it takes guts to be gentle and kind" it's suffering myself to sleep and maybe this is the best sleeping song ever, or maybe you feel so desperated?and crying is the best way to solve your problem?let yourself listening to this stuff instead of getting drunk.

9. "Nowhere Fast" from "Meat Is Murder"
-"I'm lying in my bed, i think about life and i think about death and neither one particularly appeals to me" this is an under-rated track from Meat Is Murder, when you listen to this one, maybe you will be thinking about a group of cowboy trying to chase the indian. Mike Joyce played so fast here, Johnny' guitar so kinky, great bassline by Andy Rourke and Moz's voice is very brave.

8. "How Soon Is Now?" from "Meat Is Murder"
-"I am human and i need to be loved, just like everybody else does" i don't have any idea for this one, so different than others or maybe they made this one different. The tunes, the sound and all the part of this one are very different. it is so great, it's a damn great song. and it was covered by T.a.t.U many years ago, yeah a good song was covered by bitches from russia and being an original soundtrack from a serial film so-called "Charmed" several years ago.

7. "This Night Has Opened My Eyes" from "Louder Than Bombs"
-"A shoesless child on a swing reminds of your own again" i'm gonna talk about Marr and Joyce. They made this song very awesome, what a fantastic guitarist and drummer!

6. "Bigmouth Strikes Again" from "The Queen Is Dead"
-"I know how joan of arc felt, as the flames rose to her roman nose and her hearing aid started to melt" there is only one thing i will tell to you, Placebo ruined this song, Placebo failed failed failed. Placebo sucks, they are the big joke who covered this song very worst. I do love the weird voices at the chorus inside of this song.

5. "William, It Was Really Nothing" from "Louder Than Bombs"
-"Everybody's got to live their life and God knows i've got to live mine" it's a very good song for starting a brand new day. it makes me feeling more fresh just like a new born baby. great stuff by Morrisey. Lastly, this stuff is my besties favorite Smiths song.

4. "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" from "Louder Than Bombs
-"In my life why do i give valuable time to people who don't care if i live or die" sweet and just sweet i do always remember to the girl of mine in every single time i hear to this song.

3. "The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" from "The Queen Is Dead"
-"How can they see the Love in our eyes and still they don't believe us ?" Those killers lyrics always make me suffering, hahahaha. Oh what a great melody, oh what a great voice, what a great song! I'd rather cry for someone i love than talk cheap for someone i love. Will you ever believe me?Will they ever believe us?

2."There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" from "The Queen Is Dead"
-"If a ten ton truck kills the both of us, to die by your side, well the pleasure, the privilege is mine" how great is it?how sweet is it?yes, it's very sweet even more, that is the best lyric ever, that is the sweetest lyrics ever, that is the most lovable lyrics ever and it's the best lovesong ever.
no one can make a great lovesong like that but everyone tries to make lovesong like that.

1. "This Charming man" from "The Smiths"
-"Will nature make a man of me yet ?" don't ask for the reason why i put This Charming Man as the best song by The Smiths. simple, it's just a perfect pop song ever, no mistakes just perfect. From start to the end, Marr just showed his quality as a great guitarist.

and you will be asking for "Please Plase Please Let Me Get What I Want" or maybe "Hand In Glove" "Handsome Devil" "Asleep" or maybe the best short track "Girlfriend In a Coma" ?
i put them all at the rest.

God Bless You Marr, Morrissey, Rourke and Joyce. Happy Birhtday Morrissey, VIVA LA HATE!

7 May 2009

Prefuse 73 - Everything She Touched Turned Ampexian (2009)

Deerhunter - Rainwater Cassette Exchange (2009)

Arcade Fire - Mirror Noir (2009)

for god's sake, i do love Phil Collins

"She's an easy lover
She'll get a hold on you believe it
Like no other
Before you know it you'll be on your knees"
Phil Collins & Phillip Bailey - Easy Lover

Phil Collins & Phillip Bailey - Easy Lover [download]
Phil Collins - Two Hearts [download]
Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight [download]
Phil Collins vs. Yelle - In The Air Ce Soir (THI Mash Up) [download]
Phil Collins - I'm Not Moving (Idjut Boys Edit) [download]