27 August 2010


how i love the colors, that vintage just turns me on and you were turning me on
whose chest have your heart been inside? how could it be so lousy? what kind of relationship is it? how could it be so dirty?


she said you're changed, i said you're still fantastic. she said you're mature now, i said you're still better than me. she asked have you missed me, i said i have missed the evening sun.

she said are you happy now, i said what does happy mean. she said it's just an opposite word of unhappy, i said i hate the weather.

she said you were right about leaving, i said i could have just walked away. she said we weren't born to be together, i said we weren't born to be jews

she said i've been trying, i said i've been listening. she said i'm fighting hard to hold my own, i said i'm holdin' on i can't fall back

she said i was restrained, i said i was delayed. she said there is nothing going right since you went away, i said i walked away. she said what do you want?, i said set me free why don't you?