30 December 2009

THE BEST 30 TRACKS OF 2009 (10-1)

10. LD - Traumatic Times

people make music and Hyperdub makes the music more like a magic. Traumatic Times is supported by hard stabs drums and the bird chirps, followed by several silence moments before the drumbeats play hard. that's all i can say about this wonderful track, it's almost impossible not to love this LD's track.

9. D-Pulse - More (Foto Remix)

it's an original track from Dsh Dsh Dsh then covered by D-Pulse and then the cover version's remixed by Enzo Amico and Kevin Swain a.k.a Foto, ahhh way too complicated. the Foto version combines cold-synth-bass, stripped back rhythms and deadly Russian vocals. it's just a god damn minty-synthy-disco track, and it's just a kind of the great house music-revolution. excellent

8. The Juan Maclean - One Day

last year i agreed that the Juan Maclean's Happy House is the best track of 2008, but unfortunately they couldn't make another Happy House in 2009. however, it's still a bad-ass synth-dystopic disco-pop track. new romantic vocal style and classy hi-hat beats combine with the italo piano magic that run a fantastic late-climax of this track. "call me in the daylight/speaking of a future plan/but when you make demands/i know that i could never be your man" lovely

7. Sébastien Tellier - Kilometer (Aeroplane 'Italo 84' Remix)

this belgian balearic boffins Aeroplane did a very fantastic job with Friendly Fires's Paris remix in 2008, everybody loves Aeroplane's Paris, who doesn't? hello! yet, Aeroplane are probably the hottest remixer among the other djs. to this track they injected a great quality of pop synth 80's italo disco, superb bass lines and placing in vocals all over the mix. the italo synths between 3:52 - end will kill you instantly, that's just the most wonderful part of song i have ever heard. ride over the top!

6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)

A-Trak worked his magic on this YYY's single Heads Will Roll, and it's bangin, kickin and completely danceable. Karen's stalwart vocals and bawdy grunts mixed with fuckin hypnotic synths and incredible bass line. the massive snares attack from 4:10 until the end, that's my persy favorite part of this track, on the floor-on-on-on-on-on-on-dance until you're dead-off with your head, it's absolutely brilliant

5. Dj Kaos - Love The Nite Away (TieDye Remix)
Nu Disco/Balearic

you've got to know that the original track is far from good as its remix, the TieDye's Love The Nite Away takes me to the heaven of nu disco, the whole track is dominated by balearic beats, from flap-flap conga to breezy tropical flavours and in the middle of this track you will listen to a catchy solo guitars tunes, and also space blips-bloops make it perfecto!

4. Tensnake - Holding Back (My Love)
Disco/Deep House

Holding Back (My Love) is influenced by the 80's boogie, italo disco sounds and a bit of wobbly house. electronic disco bomb and voices from Tensnake tinted this beautiful track. slow-motion beatdown tinted the first 4 minutes of this track, then plain synths and conga stabs after that. lastly, the real bomb starts from 5:25 until the end of the track, it's even louder than a nuclear. you won't stop banging your head up and down.

3. Animal Collective - My Girls

Animal Collective is probably the best band on earth of the past 10 years and Merriweather Post Pavilion is obvious the best Indie album of 2009. the handclaps, interweaving vocals of Avey Tare and Panda Bear, tic-tac synths and the massive one, throbbing heart. it would be enough to beat your heart fast like a benzadrine, i bet you can't stop clapping your hands while listening to My Girls . this song will help you more than the anti-depressant pills.

2. Joy Orbison - Wet Look

this track directly slits my crumbly brain into a pieces, it's sharp, hard and rough! clicketty-clack rhythms, throbbing synth line, lush pads and simple vocal "i'm fallin" fill this heavy track. the snares drive you wilder than a beast, you can't just freeze even for a moment. it drops you down and takes you higher, and i'm on my way to say that Wet Look is the wildest dupstep track ever.

1. Junior Boys - Hazel

with every kiss you kill me more/but i'm here and i decide/so come close and watch me until i die -well, i've got no good reasons to say how could i end up my best 30 tracks with Hazel. i want to make it simple, i never got bored of this track although it's been repeated for a million times. i've never felt like this way before, that's all i can say about Hazel. thank you

29 December 2009

THE BEST 30 TRACKS OF 2009 (20-11)

20. Shit Robot - Simple Things (Work It Out) (Todd Terje Version)
House/Nu Disco

this 9 minutes track seriously kills, it has stab synths of a house anthem, bloopy bass, huge piano and a bit of 80's new wave beat. and i don't care how many versions of this track they offer, Todd Terje is the best one.

19. AGF/Delay - Connection

AGF and Vladislav Delay won't bite you with juicy, fat basslines, nor with equalized kick drum sounds, and what is more then? that is the modulation of instruments and the vocal parts of this track is deliberately distorted, which is giving a bit of avant-garde flavour to this track. lyrically? it's less important than the track itself. so what makes it so special? it's a therapy for you, trust me. it makes you sleep earlier than before, and it's just a wonderful modern-electronic-music
18. House Of House - Rushing To Paradise
House/Deep House

huge piano leads drizzle down like waterfalls, beautiful hand percussion and tambourines shakes, simultaneously pushing forward and reaching back into the past. "walking these streets so long/cause i need somebody else", this song filled with an awesome sound, sentiment and also memories. it's just a very great Deep House track

17. Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back

pop it! trendy italo-disco synths meet 80's new wave drum beat, the hard voices and good lyrics as well make this track very very very danceable. and the best part of this track is the spaced-out blips and bloops sound which make this track more geil, massive! there's a part of me/that keeps coming throug/and i will go back/i will come back to you, ah lovely!

16. Tele Music - Let's Go To Brasilia (Ray Mang Edit)
Disco/Nu Disco

it's a classic tunes which turned into an uptempo disco beat by Ray Mang -wonderful synths, latino-tango bass which drives its sound more than a usual disco beat, -then add a fast conga beats mixed with catchy cowbell knocking and it's just a beautiful combination!

15. Burial & Four Tet - Moth

this brilliant collaboration make a dominant melody, constantly fade in and out and both really smooth at the same time. Burial's dark beats make this track as good as it is, with the pitch-altered a distant female vocal to create something haunting. and Four Tet completes this 9 minutes track goes by in a flash. dig!

14. The Field - The More That I Do

Axel Willner is back with Yesterday And Today full-length album, it is not massively different with From Here We Go Sublime -well known as the greatest album from him. this track contains dub-disco bass line, minced vocals samples and latin carnival rhythms. Axel Willner's no longer using drum machine and synths for making this track, they're replaced by live drums and bass, it's a thrilling innovation on beatmatching. hail kompakt!

13. Lindstrøm & Christabelle - Baby Can't Stop

electronic dance funk, no it's not. i'd call this lovely track with the late 70's disco mixed with new-age electronic effect, precise drum machine stabs and a bit of the acidic synthesizers flavor, geil! Christabelle's voice has given Baby Can't Stop emotional depth which makes this track more than just awesome, it chills you out baby

12. Joker - Digidesign

this is sick, it's a killer dubstep track fucking sick fucking sick! with gangster synths, rough-bad-ass bass, video game tunes and emotive keys you will find in it. it injects you with a fucking dose of cocaine, enough! Joker made his debut so brilliant under Hyperdub -which commonly known as the best Dubstep label now. to be honest, this track is really driving me insane

11. Joakim - Spiders

it's a bastard Synthpop style! six delirious minutes of Italo, fluid vocal harmonies, acid-house snares and a bit new-romantic flavor which became something of an instant cult classic. Joakim Bouaziz is a great architect of synthesizers, beats and vocals for his own newest album called Milky Ways, which is the one of the greatest electro-dance album ever made

28 December 2009

THE BEST 30 TRACKS OF 2009 (30-21)

30. The xx - Island

one of them wears Siouxsie t-shirt, they're a fan of Joy Division and they make sound like Young Marble Giants. they're cool, ain't they? they've got a unique voices, 80's dark-bass lines and lastly this track is simply the most beautiful track from the xx. i am yours now/so now i don't ever have to leave. promising!

29. Gui Boratto - No Turning Back

it is a very imaginative and sentimental techno track - a simple guitar line around its opening melody - the guitar synths hit its central melody - soothing vocals make this one a fancy techno music. I can show you the way but I know that you’ll never be there ah, tragic!

28. The Golden Filter - Solid Gold
Electronic/Nu Disco

for fuck's sake, it's a very sexy song. this electro duo from new york mix between 70's disco and late 90's electro and the voice is a bit like Alison Goldfrapp's sound. so i decided to forget about the Knife or Glass Candy for a while, The Golden Filter are sexier than them. one thing you should know is, they're photographers who became the sexiest electro duo on earth.

27. Skream - Trapped In A Dark Bubble

for those who say that Skream deserves more than number 27, you fail. Ollie Jones was so 2008 my friend, and why do i still put this track as the best of 2009? it's a big bomb with massive bass lines and rhythms but unfortunately it's not even better than midnight request line. although it's got a very geil bass lines but Trapped In A Dark Bubble is much more low-key than i've come to expect from him.

26. Washed Out - Belong

it's got a tropical beat, ah lovely! it's not just a general summer ambience, it's re-using the bass line from 1979 funk track Mellow Mellow Right On by Lowrell. it really does not matter when you think "ah the vocal is not good, it's really bad" just feel the music, it's gonna kick your ass. it's a sweet combination of music, give me five then!

25. Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love (xx remix)

jamie and his band has successfully turned -sorry a not so good song into a bad ass track. i'm just to tell you, prepare to put this song on repeat, yer fingers can't stop pushin the play button cause you're gonna push it as soon as this song ends, trust me. i've repeated it for a week until i've really given up to this track.

24. Röyksopp - The Girl And The Robot (Feat. Robyn)

this one is the coolest song that Robyn has recorded in recent time, though she hasn't recorded anything in the five past year. it's gonna spin the world reverse, the godlike masters of electronica featuring the scandinavian songstress is probably not a bad combination, it is really fit. the lyric tells us about a girl who falls in love with a robot. fell asleep again in front of Mtv/God i'm down at the bottom/no one sings a song for me/I'm in love with a robot.

23. Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog Remix)

this track reminds me of the first time when i listened to my favorite track italian blonde and Rex The Dog will always be my all time favorite musician. let me tell you, so far this is the best remix by Rex The Dog, the track's just like the fresh breeze on a hot summer day. the tunes, the beats and all of stuff inside this track are so Rex! and it's gonna be worst without knowing when the Knife doing their newest album, though Karin Dreijer a.k.a Fever Ray is not so good as the Knife.

22. Darkstar - Aidy's Girl's A Computer

it is a huge track, it brings back our fondness for good old fashion digital love. mostly of dubstep tracks contain with full of darkness, evil bass lines and feels like thousand of demons around us but this track's got the melody and robotic vocals so light and atmospheric. it's like a dancefloor classic which makes the pretty girls dancing too. i persy love this track

21. Ladyhawke - Magic (The Swiss Remix)

i actually dislike this original track when i first listened to the album, i got enough with paris is burning, thought i had to delete this album. and then it's just like any good pop song, after you hear it enough, you just kind of get it. and the first remix of this pop i heard, it's remixed by Classixx, just like practice, Classixx make perfect! but The Swiss make Disco, crisp! this track is really better now, i do love the hi-hat sounds inside, it's dominating! i've left my heart to you but it's not fair/cause you've taken me for granted, baby-

19 December 2009


i know i failed you, i do believe i let you down
but don't you know i tried so hard to love you in my way?

13 December 2009

30 November 2009


dear november the worst, we have done. but i'm not looking forward for a good december though, but it feels like something will be happening in this year-end. maybe i get pregnant or worse i get my first period, what the fuck. i almost forgot to say that i'm watchin aeroplane on december, 11 2009. yay, is "yay" word needed?


29 November 2009


-kemarin saya kabur 2 hari ga pulang gara2 ribut sama orang rumah, di telfonin sama orang2 ga di angkat, trus uang habis, saya lapar jadi akhirnya pulang anjis geuleuh pisan kagok kabur teh

-saya mulai kegilaan main point blank sampe sekarang level nya udah keren trus rate kills nya makin oke rate headshot nya makin keren tapi senjata belom beli lagi, anjis geuleuh pisan sih

-500 days of summer, kemaren2 saya nonton film itu gila lah ceritnya mirip banget sama hidup saya, suka cewe trus cewe nya ga suka abis gitu cewe nya ke-emo2an gitu abis gitu cewenya lucu cantik rambutnya pendek, mirip kan? anjis geuleuh pisan

-makin hari saya ngerasa makin deephouse aja makin moodymann aja dan makin john travolta, anjis geuleuh pisan

-dan saya sadar makin kesini makin sering mengucap kata ANJIS GEULEUH PISAN

27 November 2009


buat umat Islam tentunya kemaren adalah hari besar yang kita rayain sama-sama, ya Idul Adha yang biasa disebut juga dengan Lebaran Haji dimana kita nyembelih domba dan sapi, di momen spesial ini tentu juga saya punya beberapa track spesial yang berbau Haji, ya artis kita di momen spesial ini adalah Seamus Haji walaupun saya ga tau dia muslim apa bukan atau dia suka motong sapi apa engga ataupun dia hobi berenang apa engga, tapi coba di download aja beberapa track di bawah ini yang sedikit nambahin kamu mabuk daging domba

happy ied bruv!

Strings of Life

maybe it's too late to talk about Derrick May right now, but i've got something more fantastic than him. just point your mouse to that link below and download it

have you done? now, just do the same thing one more time

well, you have just done a fantastic move. and now it's the time to groovy pee-a-no,

23 November 2009


"i am the scavenger, between the sheets of union. lately i can't tell for sure, whether machine turns anyone" well, it's a bit sad to write a post now. since i no longer listen to Interpol, though i was a big fan of them, no no i am the big fan of them. i've seen their gig once and it was really awesome, and it's about half an hour ago when i was just like ahhhhhhhhhh to listen to Interpol anymore, for old time's sake. i opened the Interpol's page on Last.fm and i've seen something strange there, an artist named Julian Plenti in similar artists box, so i read the article about that. and i've found something interesting, Julian Plenti is Paul Banks and Paul Banks is Julian Plenti. which means he made the new project, and i just knew that about half an hour ago. and all you need to do now is to download and listen to his song below, so you'll know which is better.

PS : Dear Paul Banks, you are always be my indie hero hahahahahaha

22 November 2009

Bent - Always (Mighty Mouse Remix)

barusan saya dengerin lagi Aeroplane June Mix, eh pas di denger2 lagi taunya ada track keren sebelum track nya Classix Feat. Jeppe yang I'll Get You, catchy banget lah pokonya track nya teh, ini dia!

20 November 2009


Dubstep Allstars Vol 7 Mixed by Chef & Ramadanman = A W E S O M E!

18 November 2009


"kalo sakit kepala pijit-pijit aja telinga bagian bawah nanti sembuh ko" dan itu adalah hoax terbesar setelah hoax tentang dinosaurus punah karena serangan alien pada masa dulu. kemaren waktu saya bangun tidur sakit kepala trus saya pijit2 telinga sampe mejel itu mamalia dari dalem nya tetep ga ilang2.

hari ini hujan sepanjang hari menemani saya, si atep dan si ekky indis. hanya satu tujuan untuk hari ini, nonton 2012! film gila nya si emmerich yang menurut hoax adalah sepupu dari evander holycow dan seperti biasa bila tujuan awal hanya satu akan kemudian bercabang menjadi beberapa tujuan seperti Beerbintang yang tidak akan pernah jauh dari Rootbeer.

pertama saya akan cerita tentang keberadaan kings ya salah satu pusat perbelanjaan waria yang pada masanya sangat amat penuh sesak dan walaupun sampai saat ini masih tetap sama penuh dan sesak oleh sekumpulan waria dan para crew nya desmond dekker, karena si ekky punya kepentingan beli coklat buat kecenganya, yang saya pikir awalnya bakalan beli coklat seharga 2 juta, taunya cuman beli coklat ayam jago kiloan, wtf mama loren does anything better
dan satu hal yang menarik perhatian saya yaitu adalah the horse bon-bon si permen nougat warna oren yang gambarnya orang naek kuda, gila itu permen kvlt banget dari jaman saya belum pake celana sampe sekarang saya udah beruban masih ada dan tetep enak! akhirnya saya beli 1 ons (di beliin ekky) dan ada sedikit perkembangan di kings karena sekarang ada pizza hut disana, ya walaupun kaya kios gitu seenganya tetep pizza hut dan tetap mahal.

habis dari the biggest waria club di bandung langsung saya sama ekky bergegas ke pvj karena teman saya yang paling lucu se bandung sebut saja namanya arlavianyssa metallica udah nelefonin terus karena udah ga sabar pengen ketemu saya, bohong.
macet adalah hal yang paling lumrah di waktu jam 5an sore di daerah pasir kaliki bandung, dan hanya ada beberapa oknum yang bisa di salahkan yaitu Toyota dan Daihatsu, karena mereka jual Avanza dan Xenia dengan harga sedikit ekonomis yang bisa dimiliki separuh warga bandung yang berdampak MACET GILA, ditambah orang2 yang berpikiran kalo jalan raya adalah grass track dimana dia bisa mengendalikan motor layaknya lagi motor cross, dasar kampung. i just want to be a good part of bandung citizen, and i don't want to see the lunatics on the road, for fruit's sake.

kembali di buat gila oleh refugees asal kolombia yang suka ngamen di lampu merah, they're cunts, fucking cunts! a belum makan a seratus a, potong bebek angsa, a belom makan a lu kalo nyanyi lagunya chuck berry gw kasih 2 juta+sepeda motor, nyanyi aja belom becus udah sok2an gayanya kaya ian curtis pake aksi kejang2 sok kelaparan, memek.

tiba juga di pvj dan si arlavianyssa metallica sudah menanti dengan gaya khas pyongyang nya, akhirnya kita masuk ke studio, and you know what, the studio is full of useless old-nazi's victim, baru sekarang saya nonton di bioskop yang isinya bapa2 sama ibu2 hampir semua, what the fruit from london, ga habis pikir mereka masih sanggup buat liat layar sebesar bioskop. film diputar, saya nonton film beres dan saya pulang dan saya senang karena film nya rame.

busuk siah mui bilang2 itu film ditarik lah apalah gara2 ada masjid di hancurin, manaaaa adaaa bruv! yang ancur cuman gereja si dizzee rascal sama patung dave grohl yang di rio de janeiro, dasar mui ada2 aja, coba anak buah saya sebanyak tony montana, organisasi kamu saya bom kaya hiroshima.

makna yang bisa kita ambil dari postingan sekarang, Amy Winehouse is always better than Amy Search motherfucker from Malangbong

16 November 2009


i ain't fuckeeeeeeeeeeeeen paedo! dear jackfruit, i've just fallen in love with 17-year old girl, oh fur fruit'z zake, now i already am 21 but i feel like i'm 70 year-old useless war victim! just let the story begins, it was the last saturday, i went to gig, and the gig was really bored me and then and then and then i was starring to a girl, wait! she wore dr. 3 holes Martin, she dressed in total black, she's got long hair, pretty cool hair though and the biggest point is, she looks like Debby Harrie to me! she's just not my type, because i hate to admit that now i'm paedo, it's really tragic! and i actually was starring to her for a long time and i got caught by her. fucken embarrassing, i tell you what dear total black lady, i was frozen by desire and you are the cutest chick that i have ever seen!

by the way, i'm just hardly in love with Subeena. who is she? she's not paranormal idiot, she's just the great dubstep dj, all you need to do now is to download the tracks from her and also put her track on your list fucken reader! because Ollie Jones is never enough for you, dog! lastly, i ain't paedo.

11 November 2009

Agf/Delay - Connection (Kiki Remix)

when Vladislav Delay a.k.a Luomo a.k.a Uusitalo meets Antye Greie, they must be the coolest Microhouse artist named Agf/Delay, but when they meet one of the great Minimal Dj from BPitch Control which it's called Kiki, what would be happened? a bloody fancy track indeed! though the original Connection is one of my favorite track of the year, ehm anyway Kiki has turned this one into a cool stuff that you've got to listen while you're eating your breakfast, tschuss!

5 November 2009


mungkin buat beberapa orang yang suka banget Quentin Tarantino udah ga asing lagi sama tokoh yang namanya Beatrix Kiddo, ya si jagoan cewe di Kill Bill yang juga bikin si Onitsuka Tiger jadi populer di Indonesia tercinta. just straight to the point now, baru kemaren2 saya nonton Kill Bill Vol.2, telat banget sih lu tong. biarin aja, abisnya kalo kata saya filmnya QT yang bermutu cuman Pulp Fiction doang ko, jadi ga perlu juga nonton ya lainya. haha
tapi karena temen saya pengen banget nonton film itu, jadi aja saya download dan nonton bareng2, ya walaupun lebih kerenan Kill Bill Vol.1, tapi di film yang kedua ini saya nemuin sesuatu yang keren, yes that's the one of the tracks from Kill Bill Vol.2. dimana ada preman nya jaman New Wave si Malcolm McLaren, tapi bukan itu yang bikin saya tertarik, ada satu track di bagian terakhir ini film, si artisnya namanya Shivaree lagunya judulnya Goodnight Moon ah gila pokonya itu track minggu ini, keren pisan lah.

PS : don't ask for the reason why did i put that picture above, i'm just lovin it so

30 October 2009


baru kemaren-kemaren banget saya baca review tentang film ini di Bloody Disgusting dan mereka kasih film ini 5 bintang. dan abis gitu tadi saya abis maen dari rumah temen saya si Ngkud taunya dia baru download ini film, saya copy ke hdd and then i've just finished watching this film, it especially is for you who really likes a bloody massacre film such as Braindead (Dead Alive) or either Evil Dead I or II dan yang jelas ini bukan merupakan sekuel daripada si Shaun Of The Dead. film ini nyeritain dimana ada suatu kota busuk which is containing with full of soldier of corpses who get their life back and attack the bloody prom night. dan beberapa siswa kebetulan emang ga bisa hadir di acara itu dan mereka mulai ngebantai satu2 dari si zombies tersebut. kepala pecah, darah muncrat dan bagian2 tubuh lepas2 adalah bagian paling oke di film ini, kalo yang emang buat nonton iseng2an doang lumayan lah film ini walaupun masih jauh banget sama kekerenan Braindead, i rate this 6.5 out of 10 points. tschussy!

28 October 2009


mungkin beberapa orang pernah ngalamin dimana dia kegilaan sama satu band/artis atau apapun itu sampe bener2 ngejadiin si itu tersebut adalah dewa untuk kamu, kecintaan kamu pada sesuatu tersebut bikin kamu jadi ter-obsesi tergila dan ter2 lainya dan sampai suatu saat dimana kamu pelan2 lupa sama hal itu dan bener2 hilang! and then kamu berfikir kalo kamu dulu sempet kegilaan but you really can't get back to that time because it was really sick!
beberapa taun kemaren saya masih bisa buat dengerin Daydream Nation, Experimental Jet Set Trash and No Star setiap hari dan sempat berfikir, "what was Thurston Moore made of?"
yaudah lupain aja lagi males buat bahas Sonic Youth sekarang takut disangka anak Indie yang nulis2 Kim Gordon and the gank di blog nya, it was really a long long time ago, my son!
dan saya punya sederet lagu catchy buat nemenin kamu di minggu ini

ini lagu lama tau! iya tau terus kenapa? saya sukanya baru2 ini ko gara2 di kasih tau si Ngkud, ah gila Ngkud lagi Ngkud lagi, biarin aja dia kan kamus musik masa kini. eh lagu ini keren banget tau ga sih download deh tong.

ih tau ga sih Private kan band pop yang in banget di Denmark taun 80an kemaren waktu orang lagi sibuk2nya sama New Wave, lagu ini emang catchy banget tapi begitu di remix sama si Lifelike which commonly known as French House Dj ini jadi lebih catchy dan danceable wow
wah Armistice kan track favorit saya di album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix dan YACHT adalah artis yang lagi aga sering saya denger belakangan ini, tapi sayang banget udah semuanya favorit dari lagunya sampe yang nge-remix nya tapi hasilnya ga begitu memuaskan, cih

satu hal yang mungkin terpikir ini adalah gerombolan anak2 di bawah usia yang nyanyi lagu orang dewasa, hell no my son! ini bukan Baby's Gang si italo freak itu, mereka adalah Pseudonym dan Trevor Jackson yang saya juga ga tau siapa, pokonya keren lah kamu tau sendiri Ewan Pearson kan selalu keren kalo remixing lagu.

Rave? sedikit di bagian intronya mirip track nya Bizarre Inc. dan juga Zomby yang Float

[Rec] 2

buat kamu yang ngerasa anak gaul film pasti udah nonton dong [Rec] atau yang lebih ngetop karena remake nya yang judulnya Quarantine, iya ga? ehh apa? belum? kamu ga gaul banget sih masa baru nonton nya Twillight sama Juno aja udah ngaku anak gaul film, lemah. ya intinya itu film tentang virus rabies yang amat mengerikan yang nyebar di satu apartemen gitu lah, dan bakalan lebih mengerikan lagi kalo kamu nonton aja sendiri karena disini saya bukan mau ngomongin film itu tapi karena saya lagi kesel abis gara2 tadi malem baru aja download [Rec] 2 yang baru banget release, edan ya up to date banget ga sih, tapi taunya kualitas gambarnya kontol banget lah gara2 saya ga baca penjelasanya kalo itu film bukan DVDrip, udah lah kontol banget anjis, ini saya kasih link nya ke kamu2 semua biar download dan menyesal juga.

Parts : 200 mb

24 October 2009


yes finally i've watched this film, which is the world's greatest gore film so far. saya udah nonton banyak film2 gore dari yang biasa sampe yang, ah what a blood fucken bath! dari Cannibal Holocaust sampe I'interieur udah saya babat habis, tapi baru di film ini saya ngerasa anjing tegang nya ampun dari awal sampe akhir, dan emang mungkin Prancis lah negara yang paling produktif ngebuat film2 gore/cult kelas atas, and when you think The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is gore enough for you then it's rougher than that hollywood shit, France always do anything better! itungan saya buat film2 gore bukan berdasar script atau yang mainya, so how do i call a gore movie as a real gore movie? where the people really get tortured until the blood is squirting out from their body then they scream "motherfucker please stooooopppppppppppp it!" that's what i call a good quality of gore movie
dan mungkin cuman di film ini kamu bisa liat cewe di kulitin sampe abis dan dia masih bisa hidup dan kamu bisa liat urat2 sampe sendi2 si cewe it, fuck yeah. it has to be given 9 points out of 10!


setelah beberapa hari ini sempet gila lagi sama film, 2 hari berturut2 ga berenti download film trus nonton dan download lagi dan nonton lagi, sampe barusan dimana saya baru beres nonton Reservoir Dogs, ya film pertamanya Quentin Tarantino which commonly known as flashbacker movie's director, ya lumayan lah film nya dan ada salah satu track di film itu Disco tepatnya duh saya lupa judulnya, keren banget lah itu lagunya.
saya aga kecewa sama single barunya LCD Soundsystem terlalu aneh dan ga banget! dan masih seputar kekecewaan, saya juga aga sebel sama track2 yang di download minggu ini, rasanya ga ada yang bagus kecuali mungkin Fingers Of Steel nya Sebastien Tellier yang di remix sama Hypnolove. dan malem ini juga si Jacques Renault salah satu dj nya DFA bakalan maen di sini, but i've gotta think twice whether i go to the party or not, money kills my friend!

17 October 2009


baru aja beberapa jam yang lalu saya beres nonton Gran Torino,
oh yes is that a game in Playstation where you can drive your super-duper-faster-stronger Escudo in Laguna Seca?
fuck no! there's no japan-shit-automobile in this film, but there are lots of motherfvcker Vietcong retards inside this film.
Clint Eastwood lah aktor utama dan yang paling keren di film ini
hell yes, he was a wild son of a bitch cowboy, with a revolver full of bullets on his hand and bang bang you're dead! ah matchless. dan jangan kamu pikir dia jadi koboy di film ini trus naek kuda nembakin anak buahnya Busta Rhymes dijalanan. he's just a legion at war, who's got no sense for people around him. suddenly a little coward from Vietnam changes his life until the dead do them apart. ah sad, i almost cried during watching this film. i give this one 9 out of 10.
it's perfect, just perfect!

15 October 2009


ehm, setelah kemaren2 sempet kena The XX fever, ya si XX emang gila namanya aja jelek tapi album nya wuih, it really did make me going insane! fvken enufffffff..i've got really enough from them, so what am i going to do now? music sharing, yeah but before i do it tiiiiiiiit move backwards for a moment, you know what? a couple days ago i just did a thing that i've been wanting to do for a long time, really glad to say that i finally met her. who is she? ask your mother foken loren
i've just seen the cutest thing on earth. man, her smile did wake my dead-brain up.
way too much talking, just get back to the topic immediately. enjoy the tracks below dud

she says i'm not romantic, i say she's too dramatic, the original track is pretty lame it's not like f-f-f-fancy f-f-f-fotwork work work f-f-f-f-a-a-ancy fotwork work work but it gets retouched by skream, well known as the coolest Dubstep artist in galaxy. so it's more tasty now

Bat For Lashes – Pearl’s Dream (Skream’s Pour Another Glass of Champers Remix)
which Bat For Lashes album does always turn you on? Fur and Gold? so which song then? Horse And I? i tell you what, it's really hard to accept hers sound into my ears. but don't get me wrong, i do love folk-pop all the way. i've listened from Bob Dylan to Laura Marling for many times. i didn't like Bat For Lashes so well but Skream, oh Skream again? he made this track more fancy. and now i'm gonna try listening to Fur and Gold for the second time. are my ears still rejecting Bat For Lashes? i'll ask peter answer later

geil! anotha dubstepazz but he's comin from helsinki. Dubstep is not only from UK my friend. forget about Hyperdub or Tempa artists for a while, cuz itz gonna'b the biggest hit fo yo wivin 5 minutes, fer sher! on yer marks dawg, massive hit will dig up yer room real soon and don't forget to bring a pack of snack. ps : its sound a bit lyk Rusko doooh.

4:43 AM, ah i'm gonna jump to my bed now.

14 October 2009


"i believe you can make forces of good and evil work for you, to get what you want" yeah fucken GG ALLIN rules! disgusting.

tau ga sih, saya baru aja beres dengerin V A - 5 : 5 years of Hyperdub, which is saingan beratnya V A - the legendary cobra from Hypermart, fvkt. dan tau ga sih kemaren2 saya baru nonton film Autopsy, sebuah film lanjutan dari Ada Apa Dengan Cinta.
yang mana ada bagian setan teriak YOU WANTED TO KILL HELENA MARKOS? YOU WANTED TO KILL HELENA MARKOS? oh salah kalo itu Suspiria, jadi si Autopsy itu ceritanya tentang orang nyasar, tabrakan dan malah masuk ke pejagalan a.k.a tempat potong sapi.
intinya semua pada dipotong2 jeroanya dan juga kepala kaki pundak lutut semuanya, KVLT!

film yang juga di perankan oleh bondan winarno dan cornelia agatha itu bener2 ga cocok buat anak di bawah umur, ya bayangin aja sendiri nanti headlines koran2 jadi "anak sd potong kepala ibunya karena percaya di dalam otaknya ada emas" kool.
nah gara2 film itu juga saya jadi pengen nyongkel mata temen saya yang lagi tidur di kamar saya ini, abis di congkel nanti coba di jadiin gundu wah seru tuh, tapi saya kasian karena matanya tinggal satu, jadi aja saya liat video nya Paramore barusan, what? panadol? no it's not, it's Paramore, yes they're cool though. at least they're bettah than Avril Lavigne

mereka adalah sekumpulan remaja homeless yang hobinya mencuri pakaian dalam dan menghisap kokain dari Tony Montana, enggalah becanda. tapi mereka hobi mencuri bank bersama Vinnie Jones, ih apa sih ga banget, bohong lagi ini juga.
nih liat nih liat nih liat

gokil men, doi2 pada ngover lagunya Phoenix si band Indiepop paling keren seantero galaksi. so when they'll be covering The Clash's London Calling? or maybe Joy Division's Heart and Soul? ask peter answer then..huhuy


INSANE! cuman satu kata itu yang kepikiran di kepala waktu kemaren2 dengerin "Balance Presents Electric 04 Mixed by DJ Agent 86" yes yes it is! a great mixtape which is containing with full of cccccaatttcchhhyyy tunes inside! bayangin aja mixtape gila ini langsung di mulai sama 40 Thieves dan nyambung ke Aeroplane. lastly, the craziest tune is in track number 18 which is Mawkish - Formula Futuro (Glitch & Spiller Remix), it shakes my head up and down and up and down and so on. you should have this one


"don't cry, you can rely on me honey, you can come by anytime you want" oh really? ah wilco is never enough for me. is it raining outside? no, it's already done but there's a storm in my mind.
been feeling so worse than before lately. all i need to do is to sit here and listen to this deal.

i'm not going anywhere after this post beside to sleep, it's just another way to prove how poor my gloomy night is. lastly i'm going to say hello to you, how're ya doin today?

"and if they are color blind, they make me feel, that you're only what i see sometimes" and it's about 15-20 years later from now, we'll be seeing each other again. it's pretty lame, isn't it? ah i don't know, i don't feel so well right now.

Au Revoir, b e a u t e

10 October 2009

"et si tu m'aimes
serre-moi fort dans tes bras
est-ce qu'on ne s'embrasse pas
pour une dernière fois"

8 October 2009


dari dulu selalu kepikir buat bikin track2 Dubstep favorit, dan satu hal yang selalu kepikiran dan itu adalah bagian paling sulit, gimana cara describing track per track-nya? but now, i'll let you know my top 10 favorite dubstep tracks ever, enjoy!

10. Scuba - Hard Boiled
- is it called Minimal Dubstep?

9. Benga - 26 Basslines
- dirty! "you are listening to benga, diary of an afro warrior"

8. Mala - Left Leg Out
- it has an epic sound, i'm really into this shit
- the never ending big drumline beats!

6. Ramadanman - Offal
- low-low-low-hard-hard-hard-MASSIVE HARD-low-low-HARDEST!
- now, wake da' fuck up! obviously this one is the truly bad-ass track

- where were u in '92? probably the best Dubstep album of the year, it hardly kills

3. Caspa feat. D1 - Victoria's Secret
- i fell in love at the first time with this track, it's fantastic, sweet and lovable

- i'm saying hello to mr. Ollie-fantastic-Jones! the greatest man in Dubstep so far (my thoughts)

- do i need some reasons? the national anthem of Dub-fuckin-Step, the best song of 2007 what else then? it's gonna kick yer fuckin ass

ahhh, it took more than an hour to write this post and also there'll be more artists on my favorite list, such as Loefah, Martyn, Kromestar, Ikonika, Milanese, Pinch, Distance and much much much more, Au Revoir!


stick your cock up her ass, you motherfucking worthless cocksucker
~ kata2 itu keluar dari si mulut setan di salah satu scene di film ini. finally ilang juga rasa penasaran saya tentang one of the greatest horror films ever, yes it's The Exorcist, baru aja tadi malem saya nonton di rumah temen saya si Ngkud, terlalu hebat buat masa itu untuk bikin film se ajaib ini, yes it was 1973 dimana mungkin ide orang buat bikin film horror masih sebatas gitu2 aja, dan kamu salah besar kalo sengaja nonton film ini cuman buat "shock therapy" because you will never find something shocking within 2 hours of this movie but you'll be seeing the never ending tortured instead!
Linda Blair's really awesome here, Au Revoir!
"When you think the night has seen your mind
That inside youre twisted and unkind
Let me stand to show that you are blind
Please put down your hands, cause I see you"

The Velvet Underground and Nico - I'll Be Your Mirror

6 October 2009


Classix, yes they are sick! Lisztomania nya Phoenix yang di remix sama mereka adalah lagu yang pertama saya denger dari Classixx, at first biasa2 aja dan cuma mikir "ah cuma lagi trend aja nge-mix lagu kaya gini" tapi begitu di denger berulang2, thought, they're really different, they ain't only pieces of shit, they're a big thing! sampe akhirnya dengerin mereka re-mixing lagunya Holy Ghost, oh man it's a good thing though. dan karena saya baik hati jadi saya kasih lagu2 yang di remix sama mereka, here it goes..


"i've known of your
your secluded nights
i've even seen her
maybe once or twice
but is her sweet expression
worth more than my love and affection"

ah siapa sih yang ga tau Diana Ross and the Supremes? well, lagu ini mungkin lebih cocok disebut
"the greatest break-up song ever" but you need to listen to it more than once, coba terus-terusan di denger and it probably will make you senyum2 sendiri dan ngebayangin how pathetic your life is.


i've just deleted several posts from my blog, it's really uncool though.
setelah dipikir2, ga harus juga apa yang dirasa harus di tulis di blog..hahaha
well, these songs are the most played songs in my list within the last week
this post might be re-posting from my deleted posts, here it comes the list

lyric kills! sama sekali ga ada niat pada awalnya buat download lagu ini, dari nama band nya aja sama sekali ga menjual, but it was number one on hypem popular charts, lastly di download lah lagu ini, then love at the first sight. this one is a good thing! sedikit ngingetin kita sama suaranya amy millan
it's not Re-Mix, it's a Re-Make song! the xx has successfully turned a bad song into a great song, the original one is like a crap, but the xx do more than the original. you should try this one

everybody loves Aeroplane, who doesn't?

sqzmylmns means dgaw8d9a82u9udaua9ud0aus90ua09du0ad2, i really don't get it


17 September 2009


happy friday folks, cuman 2 hari lagi sebelum lebaran, ooowwwwwwww
sebagai hadiah hari jumat saya kasih lagu2 keren khusus buat hari jumat

- sumpah ini lagu catchy banget, bayangin aja soul turns into balearic, gimana ga sedap?

- ewan pearson? another star who's gonna come to indonesia real soon, i persy love this track


14 September 2009


udah lama juga ga posting sesuatu yang sedikit berisi dari kemaren2 perasaan postingan pendek terus, pas tadi buka blog nya Ngkud ada postingan baru yang dia nulis tentang 10 lagu rave favorit dia, that's really inspiring me to make this article. now i'll make the best 10 tracks ever by Blur, yea Blur! one of the greatest Britpop band ever! yang notabene nya adalah band favorit saya dari jaman sd, sebelumnya saya juga udah pernah posting tentang 10 track terbaik nya The Smiths yang juga band favorit saya. way too much talking, here it comes the list baby!

10. "Popscene" taken from "Modern Life Is Rubbish"
-"but I've never really stopped to think how, and everyone is a clever clone" popsceneee awriteeeeeee, intinya lagu ini masih jauh lebih keren daripada Song 2 atau Coffee & TV, and i really never get bored of this one, especially the clip from this one.

9. "No Distance Left To Run" taken from "13"
-"Cos i know the dreams that you keep is wearing me, when your coming down, think of me here, i got no distance left to run" yes one of the greatest break up song on earth, jauh2 aja dari lagu ini kalo baru putus cinta, daripada jadi nangis sampe air mata habis.

8. "Clover Over Dover" taken from "Parklife"
-"if that is the fact then in actual fact it's not where it's at and it's over" twee! ini satu2nya lagu Blur yang sedikit berbau Tweepop as always suara gitar nya Coxon yang keren banget, walaupun lirknya emang bener2 meaningless, tapi lagu ini bener2 worth buat di denger, oh my bluebird

7. "Girls & Boys" taken from "Parklife"
-"du bist sehr schoen, but we haven't been introduced" this one always takes me to another world, every single time i'm listening to Girls & Boys i feel that i've been in another space of pop, POP!

6. "She's So High" taken from "Leisure"
-"i think of her everyday, it doesn't help me" first single, first album and the early Blur, actually the sound of this track is really bored, so gloomy yea well known the early Blur is a shoegaze band but there's lot of memories inside this song, that's why i'm still putting this one as the greatest track of Blur.

5. "Beetlebum" taken from "Blur"
-"she turns me on all my violence is gone" for fuck's sake, lagu yang paling cocok banget buat kamu yang lagi galau berat! walaupun lagu ini cuman nomer 5 tapi track ini yang masih sering saya denger sampe sekarang, dan saya sama sekali ga bosen buat liat video nya, Albarn rules!

4. "Stereotypes" taken from "The Great Escape"
-"she's most accommodating when she's in her lingerie" lagu ini terlalu keren buat ukuran track2 Britpop Era yang biasanya liriknya kalo engga cinta ya politik, but it's about life, yes they're living on a rubbish life, they're the stereotypes.

3. "Parklife" taken from "Parklife"
-"you should cut down on your porklife mate! get some exercise" let yer spirit free lad! lagu yang bikin hari kamu tambah keren dan menyenangkan but ironically it tells about laziness, it especially is for you people who's got a life like a pig, and it's just like me, i should cut down my porklife, though!

2. "To The End" taken from "Parklife"
-"and it looks like we might have made it, yes it looks like we've made it to the end" it's such the most beautiful song ever, but i don't really get the mean about this one, ambigious lyric it's got. but still, this is the most beautiful song ever, not the best but beautiful. i'd call it song presented as a gift from heaven, really.

1. "For Tomorrow" taken from "Modern Life Is Rubbish"
-"make some tea, says "modern life, well it's rubbish"" congratulations! you are the number one of the list, it's probably the best track of the Britpop Era, neither Country House nor Wonderwall but maybe lot of folks are not conscious about this track, it has very great words on lyrically, what about musically? really awesome, and so we hold each other tightly and hold on for tomorrow.

well, it's really hard to choose 10 best tracks from Blur. though, every songs have a different story to me, i've just tried my best to write. for you Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree, you people are the most amazing creatures alive, ciao!

10 September 2009

"if i can only keep on moving
and never stop and think of me
and free fall through the years and decades
terminal velocity"

5 September 2009


well, semua orang juga tau kalo album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix nya Phoenix udah lama banget keluar dan mungkin juga banyak orang yang tau kalo Phoenix udah show di sini, and i've been there to see the beauty of Phoenix. Too Young, One Time Too Many and Consolation Prizes are my favorite Phoenix tracks ever! i thought that not even one track from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix can smash my favorite tracks from the other album, but i was wrong.
i'm not gonna say 1901, Lisztomania, Rome or maybe Girlfriend. but this one is the coolest track from Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, yes it's Armistice!
that's the reason why i still listen to Phoenix, this track has stolen my heart away. it's really, oh-god i can't describe it, dan ironisnya saya baru suka lagu ini setelah saya nonton Phoenix. lastly, i'm just really really really in love with Armistice

"the principle of love is that
when you get enough
then you can give it back"

2 September 2009


ay up lad, mungkin buat kita yang ada di daerah jawa barat baru aja kena musibah gempa, yang rada lumayan heboh tadi sore, but now i'm not going to talk about the earthquake anymore, though it's bored, everybody's talking about it but i know that nobody cares about it.
well, beberapa hari kemaren saya bener2 penasaran sama cantiknya Brigitte Bardot well known as the great French-Pop/Chanson musician during 60's, euw! she's really beaute, and i downloaded a song by her, and it's really cool.

mungkin kamu pernah denger istilah oldies but goodies, sesuatu yang kerasa tua tapi masih oke berat, hey mate French is not only having Ed Banger or Eiffel, there's a lot of artists that you should now, mari kita sama-sama buang dulu jauh2 Phoenix, Tahiti 80 atau artis2 Ed Banger dari kepala kita because the real French-Pop is too far away from them.dan buat kamu who feels oldies enough dengan cukup dengerin the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd atau bahkan kamu yang berasa udah keren dengan lagu2 nya Richard Marx atau Julio Iglesias obviously kamu bener-bener jauh dari kata keren!

so i stop talking right now, here comes the coolest French-Pop for your greatest playlist

ah she's just effin beautiful, track yang satu ini bener-bener catchy banget, apalagi kalo kamu dengernya pake mp3 player kamu sambil jalan2 di tempat rame, and it will be the greatest moment of your life, aiiiiiiiiiiii! and don't you ever think that Edith Piaf is cooler than Hardy, you sucks!
it's got the sweetest voice ever, kalo kamu mikir suaranya Annie, SoKo atau Sally Shapiro adalah suara perempuan paling cute sedunia, you are failed! dan mungkin suara mereka itu ngikutin banget ke-cute-an nya si Vanessa Paradis, for fuck's sake it's the cutest voice ever

have you ever listened to Love Will Tear Us Apart's Nouvelle Vague version? drumline nya bener-bener mirip banget sama lagu ini, tapi yang jelas saya lebih suka yang ini daripada Nouvelle Vague jauh lebih keren, and indeed this song is really deep although i don't even understand what it's saying, language kills!

mungkin doi adalah next generation dari si Edith Piaf, it has a great voice character, mungkin saking kerenya ini lagu, it's really hard to be described, seriously i'm just in love with this one, you should be having it. i tell you something, kalo kamu lagi galau/stress udah bukan saatnya lagi nyari track dreampop, this one is your big solution, try it.

dan masih sangat-sangat banyak lagi artis2 French yang keren dari Serge Gainsbourg sampe Charlotte Gainsbourg but we'll talk about it later lah ya, cape buat review nya
au revoir!


well cukup tegang juga, barusan beberapa menit yang lalu banget ada gempa and it's got enough power to demolish my own house. bayangin aja pas lagi solat, tiba2 gempa. what should i do?
di terusin aja solat sampe beres, trus kabur keluar. then..
it seemed like everybody has gotta go out from their cribs, gila semua orang di luar
semua pada teriak, dan keliatan banget everybody were facing the truth that they're really afraid of dying! saya cuman diem bentar, i thought about dead, it can come anytime it wants to come, anytime my friend. don't be afraid of dead, because dead is the biggest part of our life

26 August 2009


a few hours ago, maybe i still got fucked on my head. everything reminds me of her
can you imagine this one, i could erase all of my sweet memories cuman gara2 dengerin lagu doang! so let the story begins

i drove through the flyover, watched the city lights and just listened to Dubstar
my handy was ringing, and i just saw it ringing and ringing. but it still can't stop ringing!
so then i answered the call, but there's no one talking. i don't have any idea, siapa nih yang iseng nelfon jam setengah 3 pagi pake private number.

unting someone sang a song to me and it sounds "if you need somebody to love you
well then i'll be the one who's there, yes i'll be the one who's there"
ANJING! ko bisa pas banget ini orang nyanyi sama lagu yang lagi saya denger, and i was thinking for a moment, oh god what is it?
and she told me "don't be sad, everything is always turning around because they always have the patterns. just remember your lovely grandmom in heaven, then you will never ever be sad again. i promise to you, i'll be helping you, come with me"
well, i don't know what to say. i'm just not sad anymore

and i did know who the fuckin is it, i know. i've been denying you for a long time, but you always come to me if i get a problem. thank you so much, you've just built me up, i'm going with you my so-called bestmate :)