10 January 2010


after they did metallica's nothing else matter and one of the greatest track of 2009 kaos's love the nite away, they're back and striking with wolfmother's white feather, 4:19 minutes track full of balearic beats as they used to do. we know that wolfmother is a serious garage rock band but tiedye made anything different though. well, it is just love!
staaaarrrliiggghhtttt, i can't stop thinking of you! the tunes that make my hands won't stop ticking to the table while the cowbell and synths run this awesome track, it's so unfair not to love this lovable track!
huuugeeeee track, it is just a great funky electro/techno music. just take me out from this planet and let me fly to planet tokyo, folks! but where is planet tokyo btw?is that the capital town of planet japan?