30 December 2009

THE BEST 30 TRACKS OF 2009 (10-1)

10. LD - Traumatic Times

people make music and Hyperdub makes the music more like a magic. Traumatic Times is supported by hard stabs drums and the bird chirps, followed by several silence moments before the drumbeats play hard. that's all i can say about this wonderful track, it's almost impossible not to love this LD's track.

9. D-Pulse - More (Foto Remix)

it's an original track from Dsh Dsh Dsh then covered by D-Pulse and then the cover version's remixed by Enzo Amico and Kevin Swain a.k.a Foto, ahhh way too complicated. the Foto version combines cold-synth-bass, stripped back rhythms and deadly Russian vocals. it's just a god damn minty-synthy-disco track, and it's just a kind of the great house music-revolution. excellent

8. The Juan Maclean - One Day

last year i agreed that the Juan Maclean's Happy House is the best track of 2008, but unfortunately they couldn't make another Happy House in 2009. however, it's still a bad-ass synth-dystopic disco-pop track. new romantic vocal style and classy hi-hat beats combine with the italo piano magic that run a fantastic late-climax of this track. "call me in the daylight/speaking of a future plan/but when you make demands/i know that i could never be your man" lovely

7. Sébastien Tellier - Kilometer (Aeroplane 'Italo 84' Remix)

this belgian balearic boffins Aeroplane did a very fantastic job with Friendly Fires's Paris remix in 2008, everybody loves Aeroplane's Paris, who doesn't? hello! yet, Aeroplane are probably the hottest remixer among the other djs. to this track they injected a great quality of pop synth 80's italo disco, superb bass lines and placing in vocals all over the mix. the italo synths between 3:52 - end will kill you instantly, that's just the most wonderful part of song i have ever heard. ride over the top!

6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)

A-Trak worked his magic on this YYY's single Heads Will Roll, and it's bangin, kickin and completely danceable. Karen's stalwart vocals and bawdy grunts mixed with fuckin hypnotic synths and incredible bass line. the massive snares attack from 4:10 until the end, that's my persy favorite part of this track, on the floor-on-on-on-on-on-on-dance until you're dead-off with your head, it's absolutely brilliant

5. Dj Kaos - Love The Nite Away (TieDye Remix)
Nu Disco/Balearic

you've got to know that the original track is far from good as its remix, the TieDye's Love The Nite Away takes me to the heaven of nu disco, the whole track is dominated by balearic beats, from flap-flap conga to breezy tropical flavours and in the middle of this track you will listen to a catchy solo guitars tunes, and also space blips-bloops make it perfecto!

4. Tensnake - Holding Back (My Love)
Disco/Deep House

Holding Back (My Love) is influenced by the 80's boogie, italo disco sounds and a bit of wobbly house. electronic disco bomb and voices from Tensnake tinted this beautiful track. slow-motion beatdown tinted the first 4 minutes of this track, then plain synths and conga stabs after that. lastly, the real bomb starts from 5:25 until the end of the track, it's even louder than a nuclear. you won't stop banging your head up and down.

3. Animal Collective - My Girls

Animal Collective is probably the best band on earth of the past 10 years and Merriweather Post Pavilion is obvious the best Indie album of 2009. the handclaps, interweaving vocals of Avey Tare and Panda Bear, tic-tac synths and the massive one, throbbing heart. it would be enough to beat your heart fast like a benzadrine, i bet you can't stop clapping your hands while listening to My Girls . this song will help you more than the anti-depressant pills.

2. Joy Orbison - Wet Look

this track directly slits my crumbly brain into a pieces, it's sharp, hard and rough! clicketty-clack rhythms, throbbing synth line, lush pads and simple vocal "i'm fallin" fill this heavy track. the snares drive you wilder than a beast, you can't just freeze even for a moment. it drops you down and takes you higher, and i'm on my way to say that Wet Look is the wildest dupstep track ever.

1. Junior Boys - Hazel

with every kiss you kill me more/but i'm here and i decide/so come close and watch me until i die -well, i've got no good reasons to say how could i end up my best 30 tracks with Hazel. i want to make it simple, i never got bored of this track although it's been repeated for a million times. i've never felt like this way before, that's all i can say about Hazel. thank you

29 December 2009

THE BEST 30 TRACKS OF 2009 (20-11)

20. Shit Robot - Simple Things (Work It Out) (Todd Terje Version)
House/Nu Disco

this 9 minutes track seriously kills, it has stab synths of a house anthem, bloopy bass, huge piano and a bit of 80's new wave beat. and i don't care how many versions of this track they offer, Todd Terje is the best one.

19. AGF/Delay - Connection

AGF and Vladislav Delay won't bite you with juicy, fat basslines, nor with equalized kick drum sounds, and what is more then? that is the modulation of instruments and the vocal parts of this track is deliberately distorted, which is giving a bit of avant-garde flavour to this track. lyrically? it's less important than the track itself. so what makes it so special? it's a therapy for you, trust me. it makes you sleep earlier than before, and it's just a wonderful modern-electronic-music
18. House Of House - Rushing To Paradise
House/Deep House

huge piano leads drizzle down like waterfalls, beautiful hand percussion and tambourines shakes, simultaneously pushing forward and reaching back into the past. "walking these streets so long/cause i need somebody else", this song filled with an awesome sound, sentiment and also memories. it's just a very great Deep House track

17. Holy Ghost! - I Will Come Back

pop it! trendy italo-disco synths meet 80's new wave drum beat, the hard voices and good lyrics as well make this track very very very danceable. and the best part of this track is the spaced-out blips and bloops sound which make this track more geil, massive! there's a part of me/that keeps coming throug/and i will go back/i will come back to you, ah lovely!

16. Tele Music - Let's Go To Brasilia (Ray Mang Edit)
Disco/Nu Disco

it's a classic tunes which turned into an uptempo disco beat by Ray Mang -wonderful synths, latino-tango bass which drives its sound more than a usual disco beat, -then add a fast conga beats mixed with catchy cowbell knocking and it's just a beautiful combination!

15. Burial & Four Tet - Moth

this brilliant collaboration make a dominant melody, constantly fade in and out and both really smooth at the same time. Burial's dark beats make this track as good as it is, with the pitch-altered a distant female vocal to create something haunting. and Four Tet completes this 9 minutes track goes by in a flash. dig!

14. The Field - The More That I Do

Axel Willner is back with Yesterday And Today full-length album, it is not massively different with From Here We Go Sublime -well known as the greatest album from him. this track contains dub-disco bass line, minced vocals samples and latin carnival rhythms. Axel Willner's no longer using drum machine and synths for making this track, they're replaced by live drums and bass, it's a thrilling innovation on beatmatching. hail kompakt!

13. Lindstrøm & Christabelle - Baby Can't Stop

electronic dance funk, no it's not. i'd call this lovely track with the late 70's disco mixed with new-age electronic effect, precise drum machine stabs and a bit of the acidic synthesizers flavor, geil! Christabelle's voice has given Baby Can't Stop emotional depth which makes this track more than just awesome, it chills you out baby

12. Joker - Digidesign

this is sick, it's a killer dubstep track fucking sick fucking sick! with gangster synths, rough-bad-ass bass, video game tunes and emotive keys you will find in it. it injects you with a fucking dose of cocaine, enough! Joker made his debut so brilliant under Hyperdub -which commonly known as the best Dubstep label now. to be honest, this track is really driving me insane

11. Joakim - Spiders

it's a bastard Synthpop style! six delirious minutes of Italo, fluid vocal harmonies, acid-house snares and a bit new-romantic flavor which became something of an instant cult classic. Joakim Bouaziz is a great architect of synthesizers, beats and vocals for his own newest album called Milky Ways, which is the one of the greatest electro-dance album ever made

28 December 2009

THE BEST 30 TRACKS OF 2009 (30-21)

30. The xx - Island

one of them wears Siouxsie t-shirt, they're a fan of Joy Division and they make sound like Young Marble Giants. they're cool, ain't they? they've got a unique voices, 80's dark-bass lines and lastly this track is simply the most beautiful track from the xx. i am yours now/so now i don't ever have to leave. promising!

29. Gui Boratto - No Turning Back

it is a very imaginative and sentimental techno track - a simple guitar line around its opening melody - the guitar synths hit its central melody - soothing vocals make this one a fancy techno music. I can show you the way but I know that you’ll never be there ah, tragic!

28. The Golden Filter - Solid Gold
Electronic/Nu Disco

for fuck's sake, it's a very sexy song. this electro duo from new york mix between 70's disco and late 90's electro and the voice is a bit like Alison Goldfrapp's sound. so i decided to forget about the Knife or Glass Candy for a while, The Golden Filter are sexier than them. one thing you should know is, they're photographers who became the sexiest electro duo on earth.

27. Skream - Trapped In A Dark Bubble

for those who say that Skream deserves more than number 27, you fail. Ollie Jones was so 2008 my friend, and why do i still put this track as the best of 2009? it's a big bomb with massive bass lines and rhythms but unfortunately it's not even better than midnight request line. although it's got a very geil bass lines but Trapped In A Dark Bubble is much more low-key than i've come to expect from him.

26. Washed Out - Belong

it's got a tropical beat, ah lovely! it's not just a general summer ambience, it's re-using the bass line from 1979 funk track Mellow Mellow Right On by Lowrell. it really does not matter when you think "ah the vocal is not good, it's really bad" just feel the music, it's gonna kick your ass. it's a sweet combination of music, give me five then!

25. Florence + The Machine - You've Got The Love (xx remix)

jamie and his band has successfully turned -sorry a not so good song into a bad ass track. i'm just to tell you, prepare to put this song on repeat, yer fingers can't stop pushin the play button cause you're gonna push it as soon as this song ends, trust me. i've repeated it for a week until i've really given up to this track.

24. Röyksopp - The Girl And The Robot (Feat. Robyn)

this one is the coolest song that Robyn has recorded in recent time, though she hasn't recorded anything in the five past year. it's gonna spin the world reverse, the godlike masters of electronica featuring the scandinavian songstress is probably not a bad combination, it is really fit. the lyric tells us about a girl who falls in love with a robot. fell asleep again in front of Mtv/God i'm down at the bottom/no one sings a song for me/I'm in love with a robot.

23. Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog Remix)

this track reminds me of the first time when i listened to my favorite track italian blonde and Rex The Dog will always be my all time favorite musician. let me tell you, so far this is the best remix by Rex The Dog, the track's just like the fresh breeze on a hot summer day. the tunes, the beats and all of stuff inside this track are so Rex! and it's gonna be worst without knowing when the Knife doing their newest album, though Karin Dreijer a.k.a Fever Ray is not so good as the Knife.

22. Darkstar - Aidy's Girl's A Computer

it is a huge track, it brings back our fondness for good old fashion digital love. mostly of dubstep tracks contain with full of darkness, evil bass lines and feels like thousand of demons around us but this track's got the melody and robotic vocals so light and atmospheric. it's like a dancefloor classic which makes the pretty girls dancing too. i persy love this track

21. Ladyhawke - Magic (The Swiss Remix)

i actually dislike this original track when i first listened to the album, i got enough with paris is burning, thought i had to delete this album. and then it's just like any good pop song, after you hear it enough, you just kind of get it. and the first remix of this pop i heard, it's remixed by Classixx, just like practice, Classixx make perfect! but The Swiss make Disco, crisp! this track is really better now, i do love the hi-hat sounds inside, it's dominating! i've left my heart to you but it's not fair/cause you've taken me for granted, baby-

19 December 2009


i know i failed you, i do believe i let you down
but don't you know i tried so hard to love you in my way?

13 December 2009