27 September 2010


Azari & III - Indigo
setelah taun lalu mereka sukses banget dengan Hungry For The Power dan Reckless With Your love, and then those tracks became the biggest things of 2009, now they're back with Indigo. still with classic house tunes that make this track so rad. i love house, do you?

Coldcut - Not Paid Enough
an incredible classic track! Coldcut remixed Eric B. & Rakim's Paid In Full and filled with samples that were scratched together with their style and the lovely vocal in this remix was from the daughter of king of jewish Ofra Haza's Im Nin Alu, hail Israel! suka senyum2 malu sendiri setiap dengerin track ini, oops

Shine 2009 - Higher
balearic? it still exists! kalo kamu udah ngerasa mmmpppfftt i am enough with JJ, Boat Club, TieDye atau mungkin Aeroplane yang well known adalah artis nu-disco yang sering di hubungin sama balearic beats. bang! they're never enough for your sand, beach and tropical ears, my friend because Shine 2009 got a real good sounds of balearic, it's promising

Terrorize - It's Just A Feeling
we don't need porn, all we need is horn! it's a big old-school rave track and it's sampled by Zomby in where were you in '92, it kicks your head

Ali Love - Smoke and Mirrors (Radio Edit)
epic gay

Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business
from house to balearic, from rave to post-punk. cute vocals meet noise, it's not that strange

Joris Voorn - Incident
i am techno and you are not! classic track for the future containing massive synths, hard-throb kicks, and the voices "euuuu euuuu" tinted this bloody track, fucking ace!


dear you, i can't feel my heartbeat anymore, i think i dropped my heart around the place where we met for the very first time. i was so glad to finally meet you and one thing you should know, that was my best 10 seconds of life. well i am just afraid to fall in love with someone like you, huhaheheuhoaheuaheua, enough said. hehehaheheuahe

Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love (Tensnake Remix)
azari meets tensnake, it is just awesome. probably the best remix of 2010 so far

Bent - Swollen
"i don't need anything else to make me feel alive, you electrify me and i want to be in your arms, for always" one of the best trip-hop track ever! it kills, i guarantee