27 February 2010

VA - Watergate 05 Mixed By Ellen Allien

Tracklist :

01. DJ Yellow - Lost
02. John Tejada - The End Of It All
03. Lump – Music Lover
04. Luciano - Celestial
05. Niconé & Sascha Breamer - Nur Ma Kurz (Phillip Bader remix)
06. Audiophungz - Pretending
07. Aerea Negrot - All I Wanna Do
08. Dark Unknown - The Dark (Black mix)
09. Juno 6 - Action 2
10. Matias Aguayo - Bo Jack (Vocal mix)
11. Alexi Delano - Molar One
12. Röyksopp – This Must Be It (Apparat remix)
13. Uffie - Pop The Glock (Ellen Allien remix)
14. Agf/Delay - Connection (Hearthrob remix)
15. Margaret Dygas - Hidden Form View (Hidden Nsi. mix)
16. Brigitte Fontain&Khan - Fine Mouche (Original Tango Piano version)

Ellen Allien makes sure Watergate 05 is somewhat idiosyncratic by converting it, in its last quarter, into a sort of mixtape. She induces it with the Apparat remix of Röyksopp track "This Must Be It," letting Karin Dreijer Andersson’s voice introduce some drama to her shuffle. The mix ends to the cracked strains of Brigitte Fontaine & Khan’s dada tango, "Fine Mouche." This sort of flame-out is a nice way of reminding us that Allien’s hand is guiding the experience, and aligning herself with Fontaine — whose career is nothing if not a dedicated pursuit of weirdness-for-weirdness’-sake — is clever.
The mix’s most transportive moment, aptly enough, comes when the angelic choir and piano of Luciano’s "Celestial" close out the three sleek bangers that preceded it. But the mix’s overall feel is somewhat conservative, even formal given Allien’s penchant for the unexpected. This is a good mix and little more, which falls just short of the mixer’s standards. (Dusted Magazine)

9 February 2010


"wir machen aus stunden ein Jahr
und mondschein aus unserem Haar
wir fliegen so weit wie noch nie"

Jürgen Paape - So Weit Wie Noch Nie

i'm just falling in love with that track in february

2 February 2010


"you were the clock that was ticking in my heart" gila waktu pertama dengerin track ini rasanya kaya gimana gitu, ada kaya motown2 nya dicampur sama beat2 disco, this track is gonna make your fingers dancing, promising!
sedingin-dinginya malem malem telanjang di guha penuh kelelawar ga akan sedingin track yang satu ini, terlalu flat buat joget2an ga ada beat2 yang nendang, so what's makin this one so special? minty synth and cute voice are going to kill you, bruv!
track ini jauh lebih gawat daripada tsunami atau pun serangan monster burung, track ini jauh lebih cool daripada ewan mcgregor ataupun edward norton! come on, let's go to new delhi and take a chance to meet saruk whoever khan. just shouting out loud "i'm so hooked on you saruk bitch!"