16 December 2010


have you ever wondered, why does Breakbot look like jesus? naah forget it, i've been rolling around these tracks lately, enjoy

more A-TRAK? fuck man, deal with it. The Fool's Gold records owner transforms this track into a rowdy club banger, a delirious electronic exploration that heightens the original's use of violins and funk and merges classical sounding harmonies with a boisterous spin, enjoy

Guiness Book of World Records : Bananarama is the most successful British girl group in history, ~before Victoria Beckham and hers nigga have beat them up. kamu bisa tanya ibu/ayah kamu yang gaul di taun 80an, mereka pasti bilang "Bananarama? oh wow, yeah baby she's got it, i'm your venus, i'm your fire at your desire" ffffff, this track is really catchy as cathy sharon

Jupiter - Mama Used To Say
this is a reeeaalllll good cover version of the classic disco-funk track "mama used to say" by Junior. this track features amaaaazing keytars and voice which makes you ddddddancing all the way to the dddddance floor. i one hundred percent guarantee that you're gonna love this track

it's all about the synths and a gorgeous 80's R&B slow jam from the Light Asylum's talents, Shannon Funchess. fucking gloomy, B R O!

ini dia orang yang yang jadi cukup terkenal gara2 Burial which is the man of dubstep pernah nge-mix salah satu track nya, though Night Air's got a different story here. it's dark and seductive, an irresistibly combination of Jamie's unique voice and his subtle compulsive beats

The Chemical Brothers - Swoon (Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas Remix)
without any doubts, this track is one of the best remix of 2010. at first i didn't really enjoy with its straight drum kit and heavy bass guitar, but c'mon they're Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas and still with their BBBBBBBaleeeearic touch! "just remember to fall in love, there's nothing else, there's nothing else" i finally got to this one, sweet

naaaaaahhhh~ a pure 100 percent pleasure, who doesn't love Alicia Keys's voice?

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